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How Important Is A Diamond’s Color?

Author: Len Pickett/Friday, October 2, 2015/Categories: Diamonds, The 4 C's

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A diamond’s color will greatly affect the value and price of the diamond. Color actually refers to how white a diamond is. The less color a diamond has, the higher the color grade will be. Although it can sometimes be hard to determine this very important factor with the naked eye, a diamond’s color will greatly affect how unique and rare it is.

Ultimately, you want your diamond to look like a drop of distilled water. You want it to be as transparent as possible and free from yellowish and brown hues. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most widely accepted grading scale for diamonds worldwide. The color grading scale starts at D (representing colorless) and goes down to Z, as color starts to show in a diamond.

There are many factors in the price and uniqueness of a diamond. A diamond’s color (or lack there of) is one of the most determining factors. While there is no right or wrong color, colorless diamonds command a higher price due to their rarity.

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